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Winter Clothes
Winter Clothes

You can dress up the girl how you want..Havw a nice time..


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The Virtual CliffDrop DropOff Restart Game | Fullscreen Game
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How To Play?

Do some cool snowboarding tricks without landing on your head. The vurtual cliff drop...

Engage yourself into 3D game and perform tricks in this extreme freestyle snowboarding action.

Tear up the slopes with high-speed extreme snowboarding action that delivers riveting gameplay and 3D graphic sensations that provide an ultimate winter rush.

The object of the game is to choose a trick, then send them down the slope, now perform spins and flips as many as possible with your arrow keys. There are 3 challenging snowboarding ledges as you fall down....

Watch out not fall on your head!

Choose a trick quick. Set the amount of FLIP and SPIN you think will be needed for a successful landing based on the cliff height.

Use the mouse to make spin and flip adjustments and hope you don't land on your head.

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